Tech Tools to Increase Sales Online

Remember when you had to explain to a client that having a website was an important part of their business? Today if you have a business and you don’t have a website, it is usually considered strange or that you are not a legitimate business. But beyond this, any company that is in the business of selling something really needs to be selling that item online as well as in any physical storefront.

But selling online, though getting steadily bigger each year, is still a step that many companies are not sure they want to take. Even if you do sell online, are you doing everything you can to reach every potential customer where they are most comfortable making a purchase? Today that means you need to include making it easy for a mobile payment processor to interact with your site as well as the basic shopping portal. There are all kinds of tools that can help you with this. Here are a few we think are worth investigating to help those sales along.


Everyone from freelancers to giant publishing houses love to use PayPal, and that makes it an easy choice for any business that is looking to add ease of purchase. The simple portal allows businesses to invoice directly in PayPal and gives you a way to access accounts without actually going into your own bank account online.

Because it is so accessible, many small businesses are using it to create a fully portable payment system that allows them to do everything from pay vendors to accept subscription payments in small increments from clients. Well worth checking out no matter what size of business you are today.


I first saw one of these little devices attached to a smartphone at a music festival and knew it was going to be a huge hit. As the gig economy continues to heat up, more and more artists and small businesses are taking to the streets to sell their wares. Summer festivals see these little devices, that attach to a smartphone and turn it into a credit card reader, springing up everywhere.

Along the way small stores and boutiques have begun to develop systems with Square that allow them to turn their tablet into a cash register. Expect to see more innovative approaches to smartphone and mobile devices like tablets as this trend continues.

Dozens of Payment Options

Beyond these two pioneers of the mobile payment system world there are literally dozens of start-up companies that are offering everything from gift card solutions through such companies as Moneris and Worldpay to entire shopping cart solutions that let you practically create your own credit card system within your own website.

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